It is Time to fund some more of my whacky game shenanigans and since I am off until friday, hey, I might as well do this, right?

(Psst, before reading on, please review my commission rules)

What we’re doing this time around:

Fullbody lines! Might be pinup, a single picture reference, anything that fits into a single character fullbody. All I ask is that no very intricate armor be present, as intricate armor takes me about a million years to get done.


I will accept a single slot, not on a first come-first serve basis, but rather based on what will suit me best at this time. You have until noon PDT to submit your request, which makes it a bit over three hours from the time of posting this.

I will message everyone who contacted me back once the time is up, and inform them whether they got the slot or not. Please send your requests either to my email,, or through tumblr messages!

Price: 30$!


What you will get from me will look something like this! Except, obviously, a fullbody like further below.

a bit over an hour left on this!