So, heres the list in all its glory, As I said before I dont tend to do well with 30 day anythings, I either dont do them at all or pitter out a few items in. So with that in mind I present this as 30 ideas. 30 concepts for you to draw as you interpret them.

This is totally non committal, so do these in any order or way you like them. I would like only people who complete the other 29 to do the final one but I certainly wont judge you for doing it out of step.  This isn’t a contest so there’s no time limit or any prize other than bragging rights. 🙂

1. Your current GO-TO character. Whether your main of many years or just your current favorite alt, draw who you first think about logging into when you sit down to play. This is referenced many times in the list and if it changes go ahead an draw whatever go-to is your current favorite.

2. your favorite city or faction guard. 

3. the npc you’ve bought the most food from.

4. your favorite race and gender combo

5. your Go-to eating their favorite meal

6. an alt you havent logged into in a long while and what you think they’re doing to pass the time.

7. your favorite non-legendary/non-epic weapon model.

8. your Go-to engaging in thier preferred profession

9. your favorite area in the game (zone, building type, city, inn)

10. a race/gender/class combination youve never drawn.

11. your favorite class (if your go to is this class draw your class trainer!) 🙂

12. your favorite racial leader.

13. your favorite ambient couple (or the npcs you wish were a couple)

14. your Go-to fishing or doing archeology.

15. your Go-To being heroic! (hoisting a faction banner, surrounded in battle , generally being awesome!)

16. the most memorable moment from a quest you enjoyed.

17. your favorite in game villain (living or dead)

18. log in and draw the first npc you see.

19. your Go-To with an Npc you’d like them to romance

20. your favorite non playable race as if they were a player character

21. your go-to in your favorite of that classes gear sets (or an awesome transmog)

22. your favorite all time gear set from any class.

23. your ‘guilty pleasure’ gear set. a set you love no matter how awful or gaudy it is.

24. the last member of the opposite faction (or go find one!) you saw in the wild

25. the person you saw last that desperately needed a trip to the transmogrifier. usually some poor soul leveling through outland. 🙂 try to draw them like its an awesome cohesive gear set.

26. the very first character you remember yourself rolling.

27. your Go to with thier favorite companion pet.

28. your favorite (or least favorite) ambient race. (trogg, murloc, grummel)

29. your Go to relaxing after a long day of adventuring and being a hero.

30. Your Go to if they were made your faction leader!

there it is! good luck everyone! remember that this is supposed to be fun so dont take it too seriously and have a blast with it!