Death Knights and calling their Wyrms: a headcanon

Just threw this little thing into an RP I’m doing with my death knight Dastryn calling for his Frostwyrm. It was sort of spur of the moment, and I’m not sure if something similar already exists, but it sort of works off the way the dk starting zone works with calling for the frost wyrm, or generally anything in the Scourge. 


Imagine with me, a battle horn with runes etched into it matching specific runes that you have etched into the bones of your trusty frost wyrm. Like a dog whistle or a calling spell or some other kind of enchantment. Instead of just summoning a giant frostwyrm out of thin air, WHY NOT LITERALLY CALL IT FROM THE HIGH HEAVENS WITH YOUR BATTLE SONG!!!

It would be greatly inspired by actual IRL horns of war obviously, so something like this:

they can range from as ornate as all hell, to literally the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen cuz, you know, Death Knights. 

I also imagine they could be made from any kind of horn, including a horn from the very Frost wyrm you’ve enchanted it to!!!

Death knights would easily wear them on their person, strapped to their belts/girdles, what have you. Can be located anywhere on their flank, or even behind them. I imagine Dastryn would wear his on the back of his belt, out of the way of everything and under the cover and protection of his giant fur cloak, kind of like this:

ANYWAY. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk, and please feel free to disregard this if this headcanon already exists!!!! I’m just really excited about dks ya’ll…