alright. i’ve been too scared to make this fucking post for 5 god damn months now, but given that i’m having people come forth to me saying they’ve been hurt by eth’s actions as well. i’ve had enough of this bullshit. @sunreaving, fuck you ive had it

i was emotionally manipulated, abused, and harassed by eth/kizz/sunreaving both ingame and out of game. he has been spreading lies about me, and attempting to turn people against me with them. he has also started to do the same to others.

his tumblr is @sunreaving. discord handle is Æthelhund (i don’t have the number code). he plays mainly on wyrmmrest accord hordeside, under the names Mbakuu (tauren druid), Ishtar (belf priest), Nasanaar (nightborne mage), Aratheren (belf monk), and a few other characters i can not recall at the time.

i will update this post as needed. (last update: 7/23/18)

@spineofdeathwing if you don’t mind boosting this i’d appreciate it. anyways story under the cut

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