anyone who wants to say cannonically transitioned characters can’t exist in WoW is a fuckin loser

we have magic; who cares? my draenei is a passing trans woman regardless of the sexual dimorphism causing the men to be fuckin beefcakes and the women to look soft and fragile like porcelain. she drank alchemical potions every day and transitioned over time. she got a wish from a naaru. a warlock put a “curse” on her. her mage buddy polymorphed her. this can happen a lot of ways who fuckin cares? our characters live in a world where people can drink a potion to turn into a bigass dragon and give their friends rides on their backs. anyone in this world can transition if they want to, and do it as “flawlessly” or as incremental, or as custom-built as they want their gender and appearance to be. idk why people are still arguing this.