Here is an official update for the colored Commission slot that is available! 

So This piece will be a fullbody slot (waist up) piece! It does NOT have to be a half primal piece unless that is also something you would like!

Just a little backstory for this. I havent done many color pieces because I am colorblind, my closest friends know this, which is why they are so proud of me for taking this step! So my current monitor is kinda a POS, its got a weird glossy sheen to everything and it actually really hurts my eyes as is and is HELLISHLY bright even at -19 brightness…its terrible. it also distorts my colors EVEN MORE than I can even express, its horrid. 

So I found a nice new monitor on NewEgg that costs about 179CAD rn with about 20 bucks in shipping, so final price is around 230 bucks. 

I’m gonna put this piece out for 180CAD and cover the shipping and stuff myself~ 

but only offering one slot, because if I accept too many i’m gonna get scared lol But this is very new to me and I of course have two slots to finish up as well! So if someone is willing to work with me and help me spot colors, I am 100% willing to offer this in confidence! <3 

have some examples!

Thank you in advance! I love you all~