Any Warcraft dragon roleplayers want to establish family, friend and/or enemies with my undead black dragon?

His name is Doloron and he’s of Nefarian’s brood. Because of this a lot of dragons might know of Doloron and hate him because he carried out the plans of his father by going out and kidnapping other flight’s babies and eggs to be experimented on for the chromatic flight.

He was slain during the same time Nefariam was (first) killed but then raised by the Lich King Arthas to be used as a mount for his death knights. Once the lich King was dead he was free of the scourges corruption.

He’s technically an uncorrupted black dragon since the scourge sort of “cured” that. (Like how blizzard says blood elf death knights arent magic addicted )“

Currently he takes the guise as an undead human named Emerson Wess in stormwind. He’s basically a necromancer But he disguises himself as at least a warlock and studies plague and death magic in secret, but its /mostly/ for learning how to prevent it.

Edit: I’d also be down for people who role play dragons already in lore like alexestraza, Wrathion, etc

He’s in game too on wrymrest accord us (in game name Doloron)

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