anyway here’s the obligatory Things I Still Like and Hold Dear About WoW Even Though I’m Not Really Playing Anymore Except Occasionally RPing Using Game Time Tokens Because I’m Tired of Blizzard’s Horrible Bullshit and My Silence Cannot Be Purchased Anymore post

in no particular order, and just to name a few:

• aside from Tolkien-esque elves and “standard” modern fantasy fare (human knights, dwarves, orcs) you can also play as massive blue-skinned red-mohawk tusk motherfuckers that can turn into tigers, massive purple long-eared hairy elves that can turn into bears, blue space tieflings, werewolves, zombies, minotaurs, tiny races that build giant robots and dirtbikes, and bipedal pandas

• graphics engine is old and outdated as shit – art team still manages to capture a fun and lovely painted texture world and great environments

• hundreds of mounts, each more ridiculous than the last

• fuckton of cool ass dinosaurs

• literally every world aesthetic jammed into one universe on the basis of “why the fuck not” means there’s something for everyone to enjoy and always new ideas and assets to explore and immerse yourself in

• horrible eldritch beings of unfathomable size and chaos, actually just lazy forum trolls that drink all your pepsi and call you a bitch

• you can use magic to conjure cakes, seemingly infinitely

• can go to death metal concert and murder a guy in the mosh pit

• beer can become sentient and powerful and it’s possible in the context of the universe’s canon lore

• “I’m gonna punch that dragon in the face”

• one of my characters can just summon demons whenever they want, that’s just a thing they can do – that’s a mechanic

• demons are from space

• kept within the timeframe and context of the Legion expansion – the entire sone of Suramar and its involved plotline and characters

• entire continent of Pandaria

• one of my characters’ class specializations makes them sprout tentacles and gives them the abilities of a mindflayer and people thank them for their work regardless

• one of my characters throws lava at people – that’s just a normal thing they can do

• memes

• support of third-party add-ons allows for fully custom and optimized UI to my liking and tastes

• support of third-party add-ons allows for fully custom and optimized ways to engage in community roleplay or just straight up boning, just STRAIGHT UP boning

• dragons just chill with other races in disguises and will absolutely sleep with them for the fuck of it they don’t care at all

• poking NPCs

• you can play as a demon hunter, then go back into outdated content and one-shot your lord and boss and steal his shit

• maiev and jarod shadowsong and the wardens

• arakkoa

• grummles

• queen azshara punched me in the face once and it was the best day of my life

• entire specialized class just Doesn’t Wear Shirts

• music

• mainly the kazoo music

• one million useless toys you just spam with friends when you’re bored going “huehuehuehuehuehue”

• /dance

• can play as horrible undead black-plate knight of doom with a happy corgi named “Mr. Muffins” following you around

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