two eyes

some hands


one butthole

a few nipples

human skin tone except the tones they skirt around

Blood elves have freckles.

If you think that their skin lacks the ability to be brown, you’re ignorant to science. If you think that blood elves just don’t have the ability to present melanin rich skin because of their previous racial history, you’re ignorant to lore.

Really though, what you need to do is stop coming up with all the cutesie excuses for why belves be POC and be honest that it is a matter of “I don’t like seeing brown people in an identity I have always envisioned as a white exclusive thing.” So that we can all just be on the same page that it’s a racism thing, not a lore thing and not a science thing.

If you have a problem with being called out for racism, that’s fine. Go do some work on those racist stereotypes your harboring. Everyone has work to do, go do yours.