Commissions are still very much open and the work is definitely needed. So many things coming up that a part-time job just won’t cover, so please put me to work if you can! ^_^

I had a few ask about how long Halloween Themed Commissions were lasting, so to clarify here – you have until Oct. 21st to get in those order forms if you’d like one. I am also still taking general commissions and have two different forms for each to make it easier to order what you want!

Turn around time from sketch approval/payment is generally from one-two weeks, so it’s fairly quick and you will get updates from me.


  • Vaesha-Draecon – (2 Character Half-Body) – Sketching 

Also, if you can’t commission and still want to help out or just to show your support, you can do so over on my ko-fi account! I am also doing pay what you want ($3 minimum) sketches like what you see down below.