I’m so livid about this entire PewDiePie situation.

He’s been given so many chances, and yet he is still making loads of money with people protecting him and not once has he genuinely apologized or seemed sorry about the things he said. It’s always followed up with dubstep music, jumpcuts, and other sarcastic remarks and jokes.

The Firewatch creator also wants to take down Felix playthrough of the game, as well as ban him from buying/playing any other game by them and people are mad about that? Like, any sane god damn person would disassociate themselves with someone throwing the N-word around, as well as spreading anti-semitic bs

And some people will defend him with “Words are just words”, and I’m losing my shit over that. I’ve heard that excuse when using the n-word, the f-word and generally when saying other problematic shit. Words are NOT just fucking words. Words are what got humanity here, words are how we communicate, words are what keeps this fucking shit society moving. If you stand by the mentality of “Words just being words”, then you NEVER get to be emotionally affected by words every again. Because words are just words and hold no meaning or value to them right?

No, they fucking do, and the people who say this shit knows that, but it’s different when its racial slurs and general assholery, because they don’t want to look bad.

Words are not just words. Words hold meaning. Words hold history. 

Words define you. And if you throw them around without thinking twice and you don’t respect history and the people it affected and will affect, then you fucking don’t deserve an audience like the one Felix has.

“But PewDiePie doesn’t mean it! It’s just something he says”, cool, doesn’t make it better. Now he isn’t an ACTUAL™ racist, he is just, you know, normalizing racism

I know many of you are nostalgic about him, because he used to be a somewhat decent person who could apologize and all but y’all gotta realize that it gets to a point, where you can’t defend him anymore, and if the anti-semitic shit didn’t make it for you, then please let this be, because there’s nothing redeemable about this.

I have a real question here, though. Please don’t take offence to it, but, if you don’t like him so much, why keep seeing things about him? Just block all things about him. Hide all things containing “Pewdiepie” or “Felix” in it. I’m confused on why you are so passionate on being angry with someone that is making bad jokes (It is up to your opinion if you see them as real, or jokes, but that’s not the point). There are people actually killing eachother out in the world, making people consider/choose to kill themselves, yet you focus on a stupid internatainer?

This isn’t meant to be mean, I just am genuinely confused on what you mean by this.

I don’t ever engage in his content, but I do follow the news and this was all over the news. I also care a lot about this, because he is a person with a huge audience and anyone with that, is going to have an influence and he has a bad one.

PewDiePies “Bad Jokes”, aren’t even jokes. It’s shit he says for shock value, besides the n-word, which was a legit insult he threw at someone in a game. 

People killing each other around the world is bad, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore anything else that’s bad too. If your house was robbed, you wouldn’t go “Oh but people are dying, I should be happy”; like no, it’s ok to be mad about the bad shit that’s happening.

I can’t do anything about the murders happening around the world, but I can speak against this. 

People are also killing each other around the world because they think casual racism is okay and acceptable and defensible ie cops killing black people and getting away with it so let’s not be dismissive and pretend that a multimillionaire white man who has a huge following of impressionable, mostly white, young people being protected and defended when he’s a known racist isn’t relevant to “bigger” issues or that ignoring him would somehow fix racists being able to hold positions of power and influence cuz yanno that worked so well concerning our president

Okay, but, he doesn’t kill, abuse, hurt, or sexually assault people. He offends you by his words. I agree with OP, words are more than just words. But that doesn’t invalidate that he is a guy through the screen on a different continent than *at least me* us. He doesn’t need 57m subs, and he is full fledged able to admit that, I’m saying if you don’t like him, ignore him, he isn’t a person who wants to rule the world. He has literally admitted to having Social anxiety in a few of his videos. He’s just a cringe-worthy guy with stupid ass jokes.

No. That is not a solution. We cannot ignore behaviour like this. Because you know what leads to worse, extreme behaviour? Words. And apathy. Ignoring behaviour like his can be as toxic as pardoning it. Because if no one is speaking out against it or actively shouting it down, it’s just going to continue. People are going to continue to believe that saying the n-word “in jest” is okay. Or there are appropriate and excusable times that you can use it if you’re not black. Just browsing the comments on Twitter now shows a lot of people believe that.

He has a HUGE sphere of influence. Millions of mostly young white men that adore and emulate him. And if young white men learn from their favorite idol that it’s okay to use the n-word, or make anti-Semitic jokes, or be misogynist, then I don’t know what to tell. You keep jumping to these dismissive arguments of “well he doesn’t kill/abuse/assault people and he’s JUST a guy on YouTube” like you don’t know how influence works and that there are and have been plenty of people who just SAY words and influence people to believe and act on some really awful things.

He is not insignificant because he’s a YouTuber on the internet. And asking people to ignore racism is asking them to continue to endure it like we have been all along. .

He isn’t the first person to do this, though? He said the n-word on accident, and he has apologized and not said it since. Millions of grown ass men say the n-word in an actual racist way. They teach their kids it. We shouldn’t worry about what a guy who has apologized and not been like that since and should focus on our own kids and our own new generations. He took down the video, even! The only way they know about it is because we keep bringing it up. 

We should be teachers, teach the new gens that being mean isn’t okay and that slurs aren’t okay. 

Felix has apologized and that does not dismiss it, but the past is in the past. He admits his faults. 

You. DO. NOT. Accidentally. Say. THE N-WORD.

You don’t. Ever.

That’s not a thing.

You do not have that word in your vocabulary as something you go to if you are angry/upset at someone/something unless you identify that word and the people it slanders as being bad/lesser/deserving of hate/etc.

You now what his accident was? He accidentally said it LIVE instead of just around his friends or off camera where he could edit it out. That was his only “accident”. He’s not the first person to do it because a lot of people ARE RACIST. And every person that has gotten caught and said a racist thing has apologized for it. But it wasn’t for being racist. It’s because they got CAUGHT being racist.

You can’t ask folk to accept his many apologies after he’s done this and many other damnable offenses repeatedly, and then talk about how “we need to be teachers”. Fuck that. We need to hold influential people accountable. Past is not past when your keep doing the same shit. He is well aware he can keep fucking up and apologizing because he’s got such a huge fanbase behind him as well as many other influential YouTubers who will stand by him and will keep making money off all them views.

Stop stanning for this dude that you don’t even know. He’s a persona who happens to be a racist white guy. That’s the truth.