ok but also, WoW specs on how they play the game:

  • death knights
    • frost- casual raiding
    • blood- legacy raids
    • unholy- hardcore raider
  • demon hunter
    • unfortunate
  • druid
    • balance- toy collector
    • feral- pvp maniac
    • guardian- casual raider
    • restoration- 30/30/30/10 split between pvp, casual raiding, hardcore raiding, and sad solo content players
  • hunter
    • beast master- pvp/casual raider split
    • marksmanship- solo content/legacy runs
    • survival- they quit
  • mage
    • arcane- crafting alt, toy collecting main
    • fire- frost mage wanting to live out the pandaria frost spec glory days, OR warlocks who want to be accepted to raids
    • frost- they quit
  • monk
    • they stopped playing, but haven’t cancelled their subscription. have leveled 3 monk alts to try and feel useful.
  • paladin
    • holy- casual raider, also has a ton of gold and maxed all crafting on an alt
    • prot- mount collector. reruns cata raids a lot. 
    • retribution- pvp
  • priest
    • sad
  • rogue
    • pvp. reruns naxx and kharazan a lot
  • shaman
    • either the most intense raider, the best pvper, or the casualest casual. no inbetween. 
  • warlock
    • trying to be hardcore raider/pvper/collector, but they just end up leveling tailoring all day
  • warrior
    • arms- hardcore pvper, but mean
    • fury- hardcore raider, but mean
    • protection- wild card, but sad

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