he’s sort of an infamous (well, as far as anyone knows he’s an okay guy? maybe??? no one seems to have ever actually talked to him???) big name furry

who is notorious for one thing

he is, singlehandedly, the source of almost every single piece of Falco x Fox macro art out there (and we’re talking literally hundreds of pieces. maybe even a thousand.)

he’s reclusive, has extremely specific tastes in kink, and commissions so much art (and not just still pieces, we’re talking like several minute long animated porn shorts)

we’re talking like “this guy could buy several houses with the amount of money he spends on commissioned furry porn of his very specific kink”

theres one other thing we know about him- the reason he can afford all this? is because he’s apparently one of the top heart surgeons in the country

Hello. I’m Togepi1125 but I’m not a heart surgeon. Thanks. 🙂