• attention deficit High Definition but only on That One Object You Cant Stop Staring At
  • bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg click pen bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce le
  • [elevator music and/or wii menu music while u stare at a wall for a while bc u got bored of the lecture]
  • bounce leg part 2: electric boogaloo – now with extra foot tap
  • “I Got a C+ on My Midterm and Now I Feel Suicidal, but Only For Like 10 Minutes Until I Get Distracted by Something Else” the chart-topping hit single by My Brain ft. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
  • putting something in ur reminders app AND ur calendar app AND ur alarm app and somehow still not doing it
  • tfw u accidentally become hyperaware of your clothing and how it feels Real Bad on ur bod and u gotta wiggle around in ur chair for a good 3-8 minutes
  • not being able to eat food like a normal person because its the wrong temperature, texture, taste, and theres too many nerves in ur mouth
  • not being able to eat food like a normal person bc u forget meals ‘cause ur Just Like That AND bc ur meds are an appetite suppressant
  • not knowing how to socialize like a normal person because thats just how being neurodivergent is sometimes

feel free to add ur own

Being within THE DEPRESSION one moment but then thinking about THE THING (you know that thing your currently obsessing over) and suddenly you have the energy of a thousand suns that needs to be released some how