A+ to that girl for getting vaccinated as soon as she was able.

Fuck those parents.

“im furious that my daughter didnt want to die from a preventable disease/make countless others sick!!!”

Teenage rebellion: getting your shots and being a responsible human being

anti vaxxers need to stop

Anti vaxxers deserve to get arrested for child endangerment.

like “how do i own my own child for making their own decisions”

I think it’s fine for the kid to get vaccinated if they want it.

But I do not understand this livid outrage at people who don’t want to have their children vaccinated.

It’s a well known fact that vaccines have included toxic substances like mercury and formaldehyde. It’s a well known fact that vaccines can contribute to the “toxic load” that exacerbates autism. This is not controversial.

If the pharmaceutical industry were more trustworthy, and doctor’s more competent, this would never have become an issue, so I can’t blame parents who want to protect their kids.

Don’t be a moral busybody sticking your nose into other people’s lives.

@toxicmutantslimefreaks what do you want doctors to be more competent than? Airline pilots? Police? The president?