At least your kid is smarter than you are

y0urleftnut replied to your photo  “At least your kid is smarter than you are”

Vaccinations are just a stale virus waiting to erupt and make you weaker and cause problems later in life the government issues these to restrict children at a young age so when they grow older they’ll be weaker our society is putting pressure to parents and adults to hurry and get all your shots done for all these “new” diseases when in reality they are creating these diseases and these vaccines only weeks later along with them to fool the masses into thinking they are being protected when not

So idk why you guys are making that big of a deal that mother is just very concerned for her child because she’s probably aware of it also but she shouldn’t be overreacting too. Seriously guys you need to wake up and realize that this is scary for the mom to see her daughter has done this, she shouldn’t file a lawsuit for such a large manner and what’s done is done at this point but her daughter should’ve really told her that she got vaccinated. She’s still her daughter.

There is so much to unpack here…

but holy shit