have you ever wondered why anime people have such big eyes like this:

that’s because of scrooge mcduck

Osamu Tekuza. creator of Astro Boy and often called “The Godfather of Anime,” was a big fan of the Scrooge McDuck comics from back in the fifties and when he created Astro Boy, he based his art style on the Scrooge McDuck comics

so basically this character

who serves as the visual basis for the modern-day anime art style was inspired by this

which means that every time you get horny for this

or for these guys

you’re actually getting your jollies from the great grandkids of this motherfucker

No joke. 

please don’t fuck the duck

Now I read all this with my both eyes and now it is your turn

it gets better

a lil while ago, tezuka’s daughter unlocked his work desk

what was inside?

a whack load of furry and transformation porn including one of a woman turning into a boob snake, locked away for SPECIAL OCCASION

when you are fapping to anime tiddies, you are fapping to the legacy of a furry artist

All anime tiddies descend from a literal furry’s admiration of a Charles Dickens duck-AU fanfiction character.


anime tiddies are derived from furry tiddies

so the furries are fapping to the original while weebs are fapping to a knockoff

@atheistjapanesesocialist you need to see this

I actually knew about this already, but the furry shit was totally unacceptable and didn’t need to know that