instead of Friends they should’ve called it Friends & Ross

every conflict the Friends had to face was directly the cause of Ross

just saw an episode where chandler was trying to give joey money since he was struggling financially but joey was too proud to take it so chandler made up a gambling game where joey always won so chandler could give him money without him knowing. perfect example of two great Friends. then joey, confident with his skills in the game, goes to ross to play with him and loses it all to ross. joey tells chandler and he goes to ross and explains the situation and how the game was fake and asks for his money back but ross wouldn’t give it back. just one of the many examples of ross being a worthless piece of shit

I just watched the episode where Rachel hires a male nanny, Sandy, who is perfectly qualified and experienced. All of the friends love him including Joey who says that he is ‘learning so much’ from him. Except of course Ross who is a dick to Sandy the entire episode just because Ross doesn’t think being a nanny is a man’s job. Ross even went as far as to ask if he was gay in the job interview which I’m pretty sure is a big no-no. Ross eventually ends up firing Sandy purely because he’s a man in a female dominated job and because he thinks is too sensitive which is hilarious because the only sensitive one here is Ross and his fragile masculinity.

Did you see the one where Ross’s son Ben picked out a Barbie from the toy store and loves it but Ross

…you know I don’t even have to finish the summary

Fuck Ross Geller

Don’t forget how once he realized he had a crush on Rachael he started acting entitled to her attraction, time, and affection, and got jealous of her having sex dreams about other men before he ever even told her how he felt about her.

And let’s not forget how fucking obnoxiously lesbophobic he is too.

I can literally think of no positives about his character. He’s literally just The Worst.

Ppl like to complain about how they’re all bad but like all of them actually grow as characters over the course of the series…except Ross. He just grows worse lmfao

Wasn’t Ross also like…the reason why the term friend zone exists today?