I wish that anti-bullying campaigns would stop arguing that “anyone can be bullied”/that “it’s completely random who the bullying victim is” cause it’s usually not just “anyone” who’s being bullied – it’s the disabled kids, the neurodivergent kids, the kids of color, the fat kids, the mentally ill kids, the poor kids, the transgender kids, the gender nonconforming kids, the non-straight kids. We won’t get anywhere with stopping bullying if we don’t confront the underlying reasons causes it’s no accident that it’s the kids belonging to marginalized groups who ends up being bullying victims. Bullying is not just a “random” evil it’s an expression of the ableism, racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, fatphobia and transhobia in our society and it’s about time that we confront that in our anti-bullying campaigns. 

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