hi everyone! i’m in great need of your help. after a recent attempt to upgrade my trusty PC, the poor thing is unfortunately now out of service as it refuses to boot up. 12+ hours of troubleshooting later and i’m still unable to diagnose the problem, so i’m going to need to get it repaired. i’m all out of funds though! for the time being i have my old laptop which i can use to do some commissions for you guys, but i really need to get back to my real PC as soon as possible. 
spreading the word is super, super appreciated, and every little bit helps!

more examples: x x x x x x

contact me at if you’re interested. all prices listed above are for full-body illustrations, but if you want something else, just shoot me an email and we can work it out. payment is upfront, done through paypal, and all prices are USD.

thanks so much in advance!