Lol, the CEO of Carrier admitted he’s just going to automate those jobs that won’t be sent to Mexico. Congrstulations you hard-scrabble Rust Belters, you sold us out to fascism and in return got jobs for robots. There was a candidate who offered to retrain you in jobs that could survive the 21st century, but she had an email server and her voice was weird and she didn’t make you feel like you had a big dick. Enjoy public assista-–no wait, public assistance is gone too, because you also voted for Republican senators and congressmen. Just ride things out until you get social security and medicaaahhhaaahaha no it’s all gone. Oh and the country is always going to have immigrants and cashiers will always say Happy Holidays. If only there was some sign Trump is a con man besides literally everything he’s ever done in his life. 

(Source) on the Carrier claims, if anyone was curious.