you said quick so i’m hashing this out before i got to bed. this is also JUST HOW I GO ABOUT THINGS PERSONALLY. i’m not by Any Means a super rad artist i’m just. still getting my feet wet until i find something that works for me. ;w;

first things first is i have a VERY LENGTHY digital-sketching process, so i give myself a lot of time to map out faces/poses/clothes!! references are important too!!

i don’t really know how to explain my “shading” process because i…. don’t really do much shading. like, very very limited shading. unless you mean color palletes, then i’m just as experimental as i am with my sketching!! find what’s visually appealing, keep your color language knowledge handy, all that good stuff. having a line sketch and even a “color sketch” over those will make great references as you work.

i guess my tutorial isn’t really anything more than showing how far you can get yourself just by doodling and messing around. see how things look in greyscale! get inspired from the games you play or shows you watch or things you see in real life! again, i’m still just an art student whose still learning as she goes. but don’t underestimate the power of scribbling and trying, trying, trying again.