Current Commisison info Sept 2016


Commission info and details

Contact is Rishnea@me.com – Preferred method of commission contact
Contact and Paypal addresses are not the same, please do not send money prior to being accepted and sent the info.

I reserve the right to decline your commission for any reason.
Please don’t take offense if I do. :<

• Please specify right away if this is to be kept private
I post nearly all of the commissions I do, but if you want it private or not posted before a certain date, please let me know.

I will open up emails for a few days a time, respond to emails and accept various commissions offered. Commissions are worked on in order, or in order of who has paid.  When you email, please include your Tumblr name, your characters full name if applicable and visual references.

I do accept face claims are ‘real person’ references. I draw males, females, and everything else. NSFW is accepted.

More Examples

Hentai Foundry

Tumblr Art tag

Will Not Draw

  • No violence/gore beyond cuts and blood
  • Not a lot of fetish work in general
  • No real people, celebrity or otherwise.
  • Human waste/fluids

I don’t recommend commissioning me for heavily mechanical things or furry characters that are not mostly human in facial features, just because of skill level. However if you are willing to take the chance, just ask!

Payment Info

I make use of paypal invoices, please do not pre pay before I send the invoice.

All commissions require payment up front before work will begin, and sketches will be provided for approval prior to sending the invoice. For more expensive commissions, I will provide basic sketches for approval prior to payment.

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