Introducing Character Drawcember!

This is a series of drawing prompts I designed for myself to get into a better rhythm of art production and also to think in depth about my characters. I’m posting this in case anyone else would like to work through the list too! 🙂 I purposefully designed the workload to be relatively relaxed, since December is a busy month for a lot of people, myself included.

RULES: Use whatever of your own characters you want to use. You can stick to the same couple of characters or use all different ones. Any medium, and they don’t have to be consistent in style or technique. Basically there are no rules, just use this as a fun opportunity to work on your cast of characters. If you do decide to do this challenge, use the tag Character Drawcember!

WEEK ONE (Dec 1-7)


…a protagonist

…an antagonist

…an old character you don’t use anymore, and then redesign them.

Finish one of these into a full-color piece.

WEEK TWO (Dec 8-14)


…the inside of your character’s room.

…your character as a child, adult, and senior.

…an alternate universe version of one of your characters.

Finish one of these into a full-color piece.

WEEK THREE (Dec 15-21)


…a big group shot of your characters.

…a fake screenshot, as if your characters had their own movie

…your character’s favorite place

Finish one of these into a full-color piece.

WEEK FOUR (Dec 22-28)


…your character in someone else’s style (credit who you were inspired by!)

…three different outfits for your character

…free day- you choose what to draw with your character

CATCHUP (Dec 29-31)

If you’re not done yet (it’s okay!!), use this extra time to finish!