The definition of an orientation is the direction in which something is facing; imagine you’re using a compass:

Each direction on the compass represents who you’re attracted to. That is your orientation, whether it is romantic or sexual.

The ace an aro spectrum is the degree of attraction. So if you’re facing in a certain direction, your ace or aro identity is how fast you are moving in that direction.

Unless you are completely aroace, your asexualty/aromanticism is not an orientation!

Would you please get out of the tag with this bullshit?

tag urself im “how fast you’re moving in that direction”

Nefarious Asexual Scheme of the Day:

1. Come to a complete halt

2. Cease all muscular motion

3. Stop all biological processes

4. Stall all cell movement and fluid dynamics

5. Slowly drop body temperature to absolute zero

6. Electrons in body stop orbiting nuclei

7. This is impossible

8. Universe experiences fundamental thermodynamic error

9. Remake all existence in our own image

Bonus Unlicensed Nefarious Asexual Scheme of the Day:

1. Model attraction as a vector quantity

2. Reduce all interpersonal relationships to scalar quantities through dot product functions

3. Locate couple with relationship value 0

4. Divide them

5. Glitch reality and destroy human existence

6. Survive as entities of the void