Wow I’m sorry but that made me feel really degraded. I wasn’t going to raise it to $100 or something. It’s a perfect price to a buyer, but my art isn’t worth 20 dollars but that’s not my point. 

 Yes I know it’s a good deal, but I’m not a robot. Even if I’m someone that “sucked” at drawing, the matter is all about the time spent on my drawings. On average it takes me 6 hours to create 20 dollars worth of a drawing. That’s like 3.3ish dollars an hour. Working all day. Possibly no sleeping until the next day. No breaks except to use the bathroom or to eat 1 cup of ramen or not eat at all. Because of the time limits I’m receiving.

Please keep in mind the only reason people ever charge 20 dollars for a commission is due of the crippling trend of amateur artists selling themselves short at those prices- a trend that artists like Rinji has to compete with. Any self respecting artist knows that is hardly an acceptable price for their works. Rinji knows that. And that is why I applaud them for raising their prices because it is our responsibility as artists to educate people like you that a 20 dollar commission is not a perfect price at all.

I hope you have learned something from this, anon, and please, never, ever assume nor determine the price of an artist’s time if you are the client and they are their own employer. The price is set by them and it is your choice to either comply or move on.

can we talk about how living wage is $15/hr?

Can we talk about how artists should have THAT as a baseline, and because they are SKILLED WORKERS IN THEIR PROFESSION, should actually be charging even more?

I charge at around $15-$20/hr. My dad’s a freelance graphic designer and has been in the industry for over 20 years; he charges $80/hr.

Rinji works at a little over $3/hr

can we talk about how the expectation for low commission prices is a issue, or…?

because $100 is NOT a ridiculous price. At ALL. That’s ~$16.60/hour for a 6 hour commission, which is cheap as hell.

I mean I get why people price the way they do; competition.

HOWEVER: Each commissioner is commissioning YOU because they like YOUR style. Usually? People are more than willing to pay more. Fuck, dude. I worked at a place that sold knife sets for like $2000/set, and people ate that shit up. People spend money on whatever they want as long as they know it’ll be quality work that they’ll enjoy.


We should really be encouraging our fellow artists to charge themselves as they would as a professional. You’re offering your services because you know your art is worth doing business with. If we’re not going to stand up for our own industry, no one will.

This is a good reminder