I see a lot of positivity posts about 12-year-olds just learning to draw.  Posts cautioning us to be mindful of 11-year-olds with no grasp of anatomy and 13-year-olds whose characters are all the same person with different hair and clothes, and I love those posts.  Those are great posts.  Keep those posts coming, tumblr.

But can I ask, what about the 25-year-old who just bought their first ever sketchbook?  What about the 32-year-old who’s been drawing for a month and has just about got the hang of a human-looking face?  What about the 67-year-old who finally has time to sit down and learn how to paint like they’ve always wanted?

Not everyone starts drawing as a child.  Not everyone learned as a preteen.  Some people start in college.  Some people start when their career is going well and they feel like it’s time for a new hobby.  Some people start after they’ve retired.

Not all beginner artists are kids, and I just thing the adults ones deserve some encouragement, too.