Would the chicken be the leader or the violent loose cannon who wants to be the leader but grudgingly knows goat is better suited to the role

I live on a farm and can confirm-

Goat is leader, tactical genius with a shrewd and cunning intellect but the burden of command weighs heavily on him, he can escape any prison or restrains. He dreams of freeing his people from slavery.

Rooster’s hot-headed nature get him into trouble but his Flaming Spurs fighting-style can almost always get him back out and though he sometimes clashes with his teammates his hard-won friendship is unshakable 

Highlander is just a simple country-girl blessed with immense strength calpable of sending a man flying with the lightest tap, the others must protect her from those who would take advantage of her naivety and innocence

Sheep is the Team Mom and voice of reason, you will never find a more loyal friend. she never hesitates to shield her loved ones from even the fiercest assault with her thick fleece and can draw on the power of her friends in times of great need

Llama is an enigma to even his fellow warriors and wields unusual and mysterious Forbidden Techniques