Step 01: The Return to Light’s Hope – Name changed from “Step 01: The Ebon Blade Returns” to “Step 01: The Return to Light’s Hope”.

Step 02: Preparations – Name changed from “Step 02: Prepare for Invasion” to “Step 02: Preparations”.

Step 03: Upon the Hill of No Return – Name changed from “Step 03: Begin the Invasion” to “Step 03: Upon the Hill of No Return”.

Step 04: The Dead Shall Rise – Name changed from “Step 04: Raise the Tomb” to “Step 04: The Dead Shall Rise”.

Step 05: The Highlord Awaits – Name changed from “Step 05: Meet With Mograine” to “Step 05: The Highlord Awaits”.

Step 06: The Sanctum of Light (New) – Fight your way to the Hall of Champions.

Step 07: Lady of the Light (New) – Defeat Lady Liadrin.

Step 08: An Unholy Fate (New) – Open the Tomb of Tirion Fordring.

Hahah, next expac Tev gets to punch Liadrin. idk why we’d do that to raise Tirion tho.