today is the anniversary of the original down with cis post, so i would like to remind everyone of a few things:

-if you don’t know, the down with cis post is basically a story about the op and their friend (who are both cis) walking down the street when suddenly a bus rolls up, stops, and a bunch of people wearing shirts that say “down with cis” come out and start beating up op’s friend. op swears its the truth and people actually believed them. yeah.

-down with cis was not started by trans people. down with cis was a story meant to slander the name of trans people.

-trans people took it and made it a meme. 

-that is all it is. it is a meme. it is trans people poking fun at someone who tried to be an asshole and get people to believe their story.

-“reversing it” and comparing it to transphobia makes you an ass. it’s a meme, it does not affect your safety or your well-being. 

it’s a fucking meme it’s not “cisphobia” it’s not an attempt to oppress cisgender people oh my god

thank you and have a nice down with cis day