Well, I know everyone here is following me for Marvel-goodness, but I just took an ill-advised look at my bank account, and I’m stupidly broke (the consultancy I’m meant to be working for have screwed me over royally by giving me zero work). I’m currently setting up a photo coloration and restoration business though. But I still haven’t finished the website and so I currently have zero customers…

Here are some coloration examples! The photos are realistically and artistically colored. No flat colors, the shadows and highlights are all separately colored.

Don’t know what to get your parents or grandparents for Christmas? How about having an old black and white photo from the family photo album digitally restored and colored? Prices start from $30 (e.g. for photos similar to the top one)!

Email me at if you’re interested! (And please signal boost.)

I wanted to add that I can also do restorations for quite badly damaged photos, e.g.:

My finances are pretty bad, so I would really appreciate any reblogs!

Mother’s day is coming up! (At least in the UK)

My mum’s getting that restored image of my grandfather at Fistral beach ;).