I’m confused. Is there two Tevrudens? (or three even?) or is DH Tev an AU Tev? Please explain, I’d like to know

OH HERE WE GO (I am going to limit this to WoW AUs because otherwise this post would be a million miles long)

Ok so, there’s this asshole, he’s the original:


That’s Tevruden.

Then there’s an AU where Tev didn’t die at all, and becomes a blood knight:


(Its the old model because otherwise you’d have to see him in his shitty leveling transmog, and I just can’t have that.)

THEN, there’s another AU where instead of dying and becoming a DK a lot of (probably bad) choices were made and he somehow ends up handing out with Illidan:

He looks completely different while in Metamorphosis but you get the idea.


There’s another AU where Tev’s Actually A Dragon, who sometimes looks like a an elf. That’s this nerd:


(He doesn’t have a screenshot because the blue hair is only available to belf DKs soooo)

Thank you for your time, and I hope this has cleared things up.

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