• Headshot: $10
  • Waist-up: $15
  • Full-Body: $20

Full Color/Render

  • Headshot: $20
  • Waist-Up: $35
  • Full-Body: $50


Prices are in USD, and prices also do not include backgrounds. If you’d like to add a background, prices will be based on complexity. For this special, I am offering the option of having your piece done in traditional mediums (I have a pretty wide assortment of things – just ask!) and mailed to you, but this will cost a tad extra due to supplies and shipping. 

• Additional characters will be +50% to the nearest $5 increment. If you’re interested in more than 2 characters in the same commission, please email me and we’ll talk 🙂 

• Sketches include one ‘accent’ color as a freebie, such as these HERE

• Full color is just that, shaded and everything. 😀 Some of these are $20 off my regular rates! 

• More art examples can be found under the “My Art” tag

• Please send requests and references to katydrawsthings@gmail.com. I am open to all characters – OC’s, fursona’s or otherwise. Fanart will also be drawn. Please be sure to tell me a little bit about your characters personality. It will help with the overall process, I promise 🙂 

• My regular ToS apply. (SFW content only and no hate) Payment will be required in full, but please don’t pay until I invoice you! I’ll take maybe five or so of these at a time and see how my turn-around is.

Thanks guys! <3

Morning reblog – listed the prices in the text body because they’re hard to read on the image for some reason 😐 Plenty of slots left!