can i just say like telling people not to smoke or drink alcohol while they’re pregnant is ableist and classist as fuck and it needs to stop

first off the majority of smokers/substance abusers are from disadvantaged and poor backgrounds or are struggling with mental health issues and they use it as a coping method so to tell them theyre a bad person for doing that is both classist and ableist

the main argument against it is that your child will come out disabled but honestly if that happens so what??? whats wrong with that??? this whole mindset has deep fucking roots in ableist thought process and im fucking sick of it. like. why do you hate people with disabilities lol

Ok but the kid doesnt come out disabled it’ll come out with fetal alcohol syndrome or with a super low bith weight or an improperly develped brain or lungs and will not be able to survive.
Heart murmurs can be caued by smoking while pregnant.
Having a kid with autism or cerebral palsy or something isnt the fear.
Even if the worst of it is a kid with asthma thats still a life long condition thats preventable.
Just like read a single article about it and you’ll see that the birth defects people fear are not disabilities.

For the record.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. 

Effects of Smoking While Pregnant.

Please note that both of these talk about conditions that have the potential to literally kill your fetus and/or infant.

This is not a question of “your child may be born with autism” or “your child may have to adapt to life blind or hard of hearing” but rather a question of “your child could literally die.”

Just for reference.

There’s a big difference between accepting that your child is disabled and purposefully engaging in behaviors that cause your child to have disabilities or even die.

Once again for everyone in the back: Mental health issues are not an excuse to hurt other people.