I guess skype plays video advertisements now with sound turned on so this is me on the brink of just switching entirely to Discord.

I legitimately don’t understand why Microsoft won’t just let me give them money to turn adverts off.

I’m not against paying for things, I’m really not.  I use Skype every single day and would maybe not happily but certainly willingly pay for Skype to cover advert costs AND YET HERE WE ARE.

Because Microsoft isn’t the most consumer intelligent company out there.

You can block Skype ads via Control Panel in Windows.

1. Open-up the control panel.
2. Open-up “Network & Internet” then “Internet Options”.
3. Go to the “Security” tab.
4. Click on the “Restricted Sites” icon, then the “Sites” button below it.
5. Type into the text box and click “Add”
6. Close and apply the changes.
7. Restart Skype & the ads should be blocked.

Reblogging because NEAT.

I’ve had a skype balance forever and I haven’t seen an ad in that long.