especially from within the horde

blood elves as a faction have been part of the Horde for at least a decade now and in rp settings, all i hear is “ugh elves are too new for me to accept” and “they don’t fit in with the horde” and other stupid shit like that

honestly literally all the belf hate i see in RP communities is based on these recurring excuses:

  • they’re too feminine
  • they’re too small
  • they’re all “gay”
  • they’re weak
  • they’re somehow prudes and sluts at the same time

like all that shit is the byproduct of the playerbase’s misogyny and homophobia tbh and i’m gettin real tired of seeing those mindsets going unchallenged during rp

there’s literally no lore that supports any of the Horde races disliking or distrusting blood elves and honestly it’s doing our rp communities a HUGE disservice by making blood elf players afraid to engage with other races, as well as makes all our interactions boring and repetitive like, i can’t tell you how frequent my rp in orgrimmar just starts with orcs, trolls, tauren, goblins, whoever just shitting on elves

and if anyone wants to come forward and say BUT TROLLS AND ELVES HATE EACHOTHER!! i’d like to direct you to the fact that you are thinking of THE AMANI TRIBE and not Darkspear trolls


I have characters that are like “the fuck you say” wrt bloof hate because they’ve served in combat with bloofs and the first thing that gets said by my dudes wrt the misogyny is “so you have a problem with women”


people stop sucking


Why do I hate blood elves?

Let me tell you a story.  About a month or so after TBC came out, I was hanging out in Orgrimmar one Saturday afternoon, just chilling with my then-guildmates in chat, peoplewatching.

It was over two hours before I saw an orc that wasn’t an NPC.  In Orgrimmar. City of Orcs.  I was the only tauren I saw, and I saw a handful of trolls and undead… but everyone else was elves. Everyone.

That’s just crazy.

This means that after the Barrens event, SoO, and two patches of Warlords of Draenor, you hate orcs too, right? Because that’s three solid years of Orc related content and man if after an entire *two hours* of seeing blood elves you hate them 8 years later I can just imagine how long you’re going to hate orcs!

Oh wait…
You don’t?

Guess who better sit down and reconsider their life choices!