anakin skywalker does not use jedi mind tricks 

not once in the films 

do you think that’s a coincidence 

not on your life buddy 

anakin skywalker does not have it in him to overrule another being’s free will

he murders a bunch of children with a laser sword

your fave is problematic

actually Darth Vader killed those kids. he also killed Anakin, from a certain point of view

just ‘cause he changed his name doesn’t mean he’s a different person, he was the same dude under different circumstances. anakin’s life prior to being darth vader was not destroyed by an invading darth vader, it was darth vader’s backstory.

I’m going to help a Sith Lord overthrow the Galactic Republic and systematically hunt down and murder every member of the Jedi order and when Obi-Wan comes for me I’m going to tell him it was my alter ego Countess Boochie Flagrante