mate i’ve been on this website since 2010 and in five years i’ve never been more offended than seeing banana bread labeled ‘shit tier’

fuck this image, man. literally fuck everything about this. this person does NOT understand bread. one, those top tier bread images are literally the worst examples of those types of breads. that baguette fucking pains me deep in my SOUL. and real croissants, good ones, rarely look like that if they’re going to be properly flaky and delicious. and that bagel looks like it was made in a factory thirty years ago, preserved with fucking like latex or some shit what the hell

but the worst, the most heinous of all crimes, is putting banana bread as shit tier? are you serious? have you had banana bread? have you EXPERIENCED it? you have it below fucking wonderbread-looking shit, below onion bread, and below a loaf someone haphazardly shoved fucking nuts in? banana bread loves you. banana bread sees that you bought too many bananas, that they’ve been sitting on your counter starting to get a little too ripe and says, hey, you know what it’s okay, we all buy a few too many bananas sometimes, why not whip up some of me, good ole banana bread, and i’ll be a sweet little treat, maybe a breakfast or a neat snack.

fuck you. fuck you and your abhorrent ignorance of breads. i bet the best garlic bread you’ve had is from fucking olive garden you sack of reprehensible shit flakes

bread fandom grab your bread