– It’s gonna get hard sometimes, don’t forget why you got in this relationship.

– 80% of your relationship is through text, remember that sometimes it’s hard to talk 24/7 through text and ALWAYS sound excited.

– Skype/FaceTime calls WILL become the brightest parts of your days.

– This time apart isn’t forever, always remember the day you have been dreaming of. It will come.

– The distance will get to you some nights, don’t let that get the best of your relationship.

– Be patient with each other. Sometimes you’ll both be gone, busy, or maybe asleep because of time difference. 

– Communicate no matter what. The distance between you all will make arguments or disagreements that much harder, but communication will really always be key.

– Set dates. Even if for some people they’re years away. Set a date and countdown. Having something to look forward to between you makes things so much better and things easier.

– Remember every single day why you got in this relationship. It’s worth it. Every second leads to a better day. Remember that.


I really needed to see this.

Thank you.