Looks like there are some major changes to unholy DKs:

  • Death Knights had a lot of balance changes over time. They had unique
    mechanics, like DoT snapshotting with Unholy. Those things have gone
    away now, so part of what made Unholy special is gone.
  • Something they are trying now is Festering Wounds. When the Death Knight
    hits a target, they will apply debuff and when they use a different
    ability that wound will pop. You might hit them and apply three or five,
    or pop three of them all at once.
  • The fantasy of a Death Knight pulling corpses from the ground to do
    their bidding is great, but in the game it doesn’t feel like that when
    you are playing, so the team wanted to give them a unique mechanic.
  • Talents may give them multiple pets, different pets, stronger pets.
  • Frost is still very similar to live and Blood is somewhere in the middle.
  • Blood Death Knights having the different rune types is part of what made
    it easy to play. You would just push whatever buttons were lit up, as
    the runes controlled what you could use. Now you will have more options
    and control over how to use your runes.


Festering Wounds sounds fun.  As long as it has the same “feeling” to it as multistriking.

The Rune changing, however, is something that’s totally fucking not needed.  Why make the most faceroll class in the game even /more/ faceroll?

As someone that had trouble with this class, and the rune system in particular, can I ask in all honest earnestness with no prejudices, what the problem with this change is?

It feels like they want to give each spec a solid fantasy in Legion, and not all of them are done. Perhaps it will be a good change? 

But again I know little about DK, I’m just trying to play the optimist XD

Honestly at the moment, its far too early to say. It’s unlikely given the major change to the way runes work that the specs will remain the way they are in Legion. The implied level of changes seems to be as follows: Frost < Blood < Unholy. Probably the earliest anyone can say anything about the proposed changes is Wednesday when the DK class changes are posted on the blog.