Cobalgos the Aurora-shaper 

Part 3 of my little challenge, this time it’s the blue dragonflight. 

Decided to give him an appearance more alike to the azure drake, since I love their color scheme. and tried to give him a bit of a scholar-y (and hella sassy) look.

I really like the whole crystal/arcane focus of the blue dragonflight, and I love how they’re described in the books (especially malygos the merry giant). and I really hope we get to see that side of them in game. only ever knew them as batshit crazy spellslingers in game til I started reading the warcraft novels some months ago. 

not sure whether to do the red or bronze one next hmm.

Other parts:

Black dragonlfight (Sulfurion) 

Green dragonflight/  Nightmare dragon (Lucira)