Women should be banned, yes, BANNED from World of Warcraft. Women who play World of Warcraft are annoying feminists who plays this game solely to cause havoc upon the community. Being all bad-mannered, the female players playing World of Warcraft would purposely cause confusion and unrest throughout the community.

But, why just ban the toxic women from World of Warcraft if we could also ban them from real life? The world would be a better place if women were banned because women are evil, toxic beings who plague the world with their toxicity. This point can be proven because women always talk, talk, talk, and talk. It’s so annoying, plus, they always take advantage over men. I’m sick of this sexism.

Women are constantly picking up banners for every cause without even caring about that cause. They give everyone a bad name by being so called “Social Justice Warriors” pretending to care for a cause for “social justice points.” They don’t really care about your feelings; they just want to be liked. They glorify mental illness, and make people with such illnesses feel bad and less likely to get aid because women are the scum of the Earth.

To escape from the toxic reality of the pathetic man-hating feminazis, most of us play video games. One of the video games we play is World of Warcraft, but now, women are invading the game we all enjoy to play to destroy our freedom away from the monstrosities known as feminist women. Also, females don’t even play video games, and let’s be honest here: Playing with the dishwasher isn’t considered as playing a video game.

So, in my honest opinion, women should be BANNED from World of Warcraft. All who disagrees is now a disgrace to mankind and wants to see our society in ruin.

I love you Mokron let me have your antifem women-hating babies you greasy sexy basement dweller, you.

oh my god he’s on tumblr now. lmao holy shit.

He hasn’t posted for months, for better or worse.

He’s such a weird anomaly too.

I have no idea if he’s trolling or for real. Everything he posts or says is just so perfectly constructed – like ideal copypasta, ripe for being turned into a shitty meme. It could easily be an act, but at the same time, it’s so consistent every single time. It’s hard to believe someone would carry on with it after so long if it was just for the sake of trolling. It can’t be real – except it seemingly is.

And he’s well known on the WoW General Forums too, like people used to just call him out and fuck with him because it was basically Guaranteed Replies.

Let me tell you. He is 100% not trolling and 100% weird as hell. I thought he was trolling to until I started hanging out with him, doing some of his story lines he wanted to do because I felt bad for the guy, it didn’t seem like people liked him much. I thought if he had someone to chill with he wouldn’t be a troll all the time.

But he is not a troll and this is not an act.

Every story line he did was killing Alliance or trolls and only one time did he make it so that our characters didn’t die in the end for displeasing Garrosh. He would then ask me how I thought his story lines were and he would self-pat himself on the back or obsess if I didn’t give two thumbs up.

One time we were talking over whispers and told me to wait a minute then he afk’d and got logged from being afk too long, came back and asked me if I hated him for him going afk.

He came back a while ago as <Hooded Mysterious Orc> and wanted to know if my character wanted to be his IC slave and then when I finally told him off he started doing stuff to get on my nerves then had the NERVE to ask me if I wanted to create something he called Garrison RP.

There is something genuinely wrong with him. I don’t know if he’s coo-coo or what, but he’s not kidding.