I’ll try my best to explain how I draw dragons with a quick colored sketch. 🙂

Link for the first part here, Tumblr squishsed this. >:( 


Sorry the line art seems like one of those “How to draw an Owl” tutorials. You know, the draw a circle… now draw the owl ones. If you have a strong foundation sketch and grasp of the shapes, the lines will follow those sketch lines you’ve laid down. I cannot emphasize this enough. Work on your foundation, the rest will come later; You can’t build a house on something that isn’t solid, it will collapse the further you go.


Links here in case Tumblr squishes these. Tutorial Part 1 – Tutorial Part 2 – Finished Colored sketch

I hope this helps inspire you on your dragon drawing journey. These are usually the steps I take when I want to draw dragons, and when you’ve drawn enough of them, you’ll get a feel for what proportionally feels good when it comes to snout length, eye size, etc. (Of course, the bigger the eyes, the younger the dragon looks, the smaller and the more rugged, the more venerable.)

Always study animals, fossils, anything to understand how something works. Once you understand where eyes go in the sockets, how teeth are embedded in gums, etc, you’ll be able to draw them from memory by simply making it functional.

In addition, it helps to consider also, the habitat of the dragon, and functionality of anatomy on the dragon. This one here is probably some arboreal forest dragon due to its coloration, and it would probably easily slither through trees for prey. 🙂

Have fun! Hope this helps! 🙂