can we just like, all agree to boycott tumblr for 24 hours to show the staff that we’re pissed about the update? because they have to track usage and stuff like that, and I feel like it would send a pretty big message if enough people did it. like nothing fancy, just don’t use tumblr from 12:00am to 11:59pm, one whole day of nothing, not even mobile blogging. maybe set up one queue’d post explaining why you’re boycotting (so anyone that doesn’t get the memo would know what’s up) but other than that maybe even stop queues (just for the day) to help send the message.

I’d propose Wednesday, September 9th as the day. That’s one week after the update, one week to give it a try, one week to show the staff that we’re not just overreacting to change (the way people are apt to do on the internet) but are serious about not liking the way they’ve changed our blogging experience. That also gives us a week to get this post around the site: long enough to spread it around, but not so long that people forget that we’re going to do this. Maybe set a reminder on your phone or computer so that you don’t forget. I’ll be posting in the tag #updateboycott throughout the week for general reminders and to answer any questions/suggestions.

And please, reblog this. The only way this will work is if enough people see this post and participate to make a difference. 

so tl;dr: hate the update? join the boycott of tumblr on Wednesday, September 9th from 12:00am to 11:59pm by just not using tumblr that day.