Everyone lost their fucking shit and did a good job recognizing the ‘About Ray’ movie as transphobic. And it is to be expected of you to do the same regarding the ‘The danish girl’ movie.

this is okay to reblog, and should be. We trans women do not get near as much attention and support as trans men do, and to be fair; it says a lot that people are so quick to shun a movie that’s bad towards trans men, but completely ignore one thats transmisogynystic.

For reference, The Danish Girl is the one with Eddie Redmayne (a cis man) playing Lili Elbe (a historical intersex trans woman), and the trailers are already portraying her as a cis dude that has some forced fetishistic relationship with being a woman, this is just as harmful as About Ray, if not more so.

Not only does it rob trans women of roles that are rightfully theirs, but it robs intersex people (esp. intersex trans women) of our history into this bastardized representation.