curvesandtusks: is a safe space for the LGBTQA+ community!

Just because this is a gallery intended for orc women does not mean that it is limited to only cisgender orc women! Transgender (including those that are pre-op or pre-hormonal treatment!), genderfluid, bigender, and orcs of other gender identities shall be accepted and included here so long as they identify or express at least partially (as with the case of bigender/genderfluid/etc) as female! 

This is not meant to be exclusionary, and I desperately hope it is not perceived as such, but only to help create a space for orc women when there are far more blogs exclusively or extensively dedicated to orc men.

Those who are of the opinion that trans* women are not, in fact, “women”, are strongly encouraged to unfollow and take transphobic opinions elsewhere. 

Thank you.