** 2015 Commission Information! **

** My Patreon is Online! **

So, I’m in dire need of commission work for September! The links
above go into further detail on my prices, as well as one to my patreon
for those who feel more inclined to donate than to commission me
directly! :3c

Those who pledge $15 receive a priority slot for commission work in
the future, a discount for said commissions, and sketch freebie (usually
bust/waist up)! Those sketch freebies also have a chance at becoming
something more, in my spare time and if I enjoy your character concept!

I’ve updated my commission post. Reblogs are deeply appreciated!

I have to acquire some money for Sept. / Oct. for gasoline, parking
fees, and any possible issues that crop up with my transportation (the
vehicle has been showing some unpleasant sounds/smells of antifreeze)!

These appointments (in a city 62.7 miles from where I live) are important for my mental and physical health.