I really really hate the argument of “reblog art if you actually like it/don’t just like art, reblog it so the artist can be seen” like there are TONS of ways for your art to be seen on this site, reblogging isn’t the only one.

A lot of artists base their value on notes and I cannot tell you how wrong that is. I used to get hundreds and thousands of notes on my art when I was in my old fandom days.

Now I draw my ocs and I get lucky to break one hundred but you know what? I’m drawing what I want, I’m drawing things that make me happy and make my friends happy instead of spitting out fanart after fanart just trying to get notes and followers.

Not to mention those posts about reblogging instead of liking are guilt trippy as fuck. Someone likes your image? For all you know it’s sitting in their likes and they love looking back at it, in this secret place where they can enjoy it. What if what you drew is content they don’t want on their blog cause people from irl follow them? What if it’s nsfw content? Just because they enjoy it doesn’t mean they should suddenly slam their followers with content that they might not have been anticipating.

Likes are just as valuable as reblogs, and yeah reblogs are fucking awesome but think of it like this: that person who liked it? They could have ignored it all together. A like=/=hating your art. A like means they like it. That’s why it’s called a like with a fucking heart shaped button.

Seriously I’m so tired of seeing those guilt trippy posts on my dash and I will never ever reblog one because as an artist, I do not feel the need to tell people they need to reblog my art so I can get known. If you want to be known, expand to sites outside of tumblr (deviantart, furaffinity, pixiv, etc.), use the fucking tag system and put relevant tags on your art (funny, cute, monsterboy or girl, fandom,etc.)

Tumblr is a place where art is not the forefront. So stop acting like it’s ok to guilt trip people into reblogging things they may not want on their blog.