Chris Metzen: We’re going back in time!

Chris Metzen: Also remember this guy you killed?

Chris Metzen: This guy. Yeah next expansion he’s alive again.

what would we do without that chris metzen .png

<insert someone’s chris metzen pointing at the orc lower area, here>

Its time to bring that back

Okay just to be clear. We never actually saw Illidan die. He was not dead. Just b/c his “body” was there to loot does not mean he’s dead.

Just like saying we killed Yogg or C’thun. They aren’t dead just TKO’d back into endless sleep so their guardians can keep them in their cages. Because we know from all the Titan Lore that you can’t kill the Old Gods without killing Azeroth.

Plain and simple ladies and gents. It isn’t about ‘lore police’ in several of these, it’s more about people getting upset that there are people who don’t agree with their RP.

News flash, not everyone has to like what you roleplay.

News flash for those who throw it in other peoples faces all the time, you can use ignore or just walk away.

RP is a group effort and if one party doesn’t want to participate then the RP isn’t there. Consent and OOC communication are key to making a happy roleplay community. People always will do what they want, but it isn’t our job, or anyone’s job, to tell them how to do it. Just like it isn’t their job to go out and tell people they are bad and elitists and such for not wanting to RP with them.

Chris Metzen: You know Frostmourne/Ashbringer/Doomhammer/Felo’melorn? Yeah, you can wield them now.

Chris Metzen: BAM