It’s actually fairly hard for me to choose just one since I like most of the dungeons in the game quite a bit! Yet overall my current favourite has to be the Vault. Aside from being tied to a very intriguing part of the story (which I won’t go into here to avoid spoiling anything) the architecture is really great and the boss fights are pretty intense and enjoyable. The last boss in particular really excites me – since the mechanics feel very threatening and it’s a very healing intensive fight.

TAM TARA DEEPCROFT HM. I loved reading those journal pages and basically getting clear insight into Edda’s descent into madness. The atmosphere was also excellent and had me NOEPing my way through the dungeon while a friend who had gone through it before laughed at my reactions to each page.

I really REALLY want SE to do more spoopy dungeons like this – or at least more dungeons that kind of have a very clear and strong narrative even if they are not tightly tied to the MSQ. Dusk Vigil kind of tried to do this, but I wanted more spoopy. :V